New 2016 Mercedes E-Class Sedan Redesign Convertible

New 2016 Mercedes E-Class Picture Mercedes

The new upcoming model of Mercedes, the New Mercedes E-Class, will be the car with the truly good appearance. The design of the automobile will probably be interesting enough. It will seem fresh, which is important, because it’s new car, after all, so at least some of the connoisseurs are waiting something fresh in its appearance.

The platform will be with the Modular MRA. The automobile will probably have the gasoline engine and diesel engine, but also it’s possible that the fans and others will see the hybrid version. Actually, the exterior of the vehicle will not be radical changed. It will probably rejoice some of the fans. The interior will be really more fresh…

The automobile will offer to the potential buyers new color tone of the cabin. The audio system will be really good, the security systems of the automobile will be really advanced. The powered sunroof will be also the big advantage of that vehicle. The automobile will have many other interesting and helpful features, which will rejoice the connoisseurs and not only them.

The base model of this beautiful vehicle will probably have the E250 Blue TEC engine, which will make approximately 369 lb-ft of torque and 195 horse powers. The hybrid combination of the automobile will probably have the V6 engine with the volume of 0.92 gallons. This engine will have the electric motor, which could make 273 pound-feet and 302 horse powers.

Well, how much this vehicle will cost? The price of that model will probably be no less than $ 51 000. Maybe, somebody would say, that this price is too high… But actually, that automobile will probably be beautiful enough for such price. This vehicle will have many interesting features, which will be pleasant and helpful for many people.

It will be the car, which will probably truly rejoice the fans, because it will have many advantages. So, if you like that brand, you should at least pay attention at this upcoming automobile, because this is not just another car of your favorite brand, it’s the vehicle, which could be the implementation of your imagination about the ideal car.

Of cause, this automobile as any other will not appropriate to everyone. It’s obvious, because every man has his own imagination about the beautiful automobile. Furthermore, different people have different aims, so they need different vehicles. But this car will be actually good for its class, so if you like exactly or approximately such cars, you should look at that model.

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