BMW Venting trousers

BMW Venting trousers Equipment

The new BMW Venting trousers are very lightweight, designed for summer days combined with stylish textile which are ideal for city motorcycling and for short trips. Made of special fabric that allows it to be worn in temperatures above 25 °C and higher.

BMW Venting trousers have exterior made of abrasion-resistant Cordura Denim and mesh fabric for optimum ventilation, and vulnerable areas reinforced material lightweight Dynatec stretch at the backs of the knees.

Then come double thicknesses of material at the areas in danger in the event of a fall, the NPL removable protectors at shoulders, elbows, knees (height adjustable) and hips (NP2), long-leg side zips extend to the hips, making the pants easy to put on and remove, 2 pockets at front and 2 at rear (pocket features a 3D mesh for optimum air circulation).

BMW Venting trousers are manufactured in regular sizes for ladies and men, available in color Denim / mesh (mesh material and Dark Blue) and the price of $ 299.00.

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