BMW ProSport glove

BMW ProSport glove BMW Motorcycles

The BMW ProSport glove, is an elegant touring glove that can be worn in all weather conditions, made in high quality skin of sufficient length to cover the hand and upper arm. It has a special coating Keratan forms tiny diamond-shaped structures that bond with the fibers of the leather, considerably increasing friction resistance.

The ProSport glove comes with a double-thickness leather on edge and ball of hand has no lining on the palm, so that allows the wearer a direct grip on the bars, abrasion-resistant, foam on backs of fingers, with breaks at knuckles for increased flexibility, three-part knuckle protector with shock-absorbing foam, wiper on each thumb, made of soft velour leather. Comes in black with gray palm in sizes 6-6 ½ – 12-12 ½ and the price of $ 139.00 USD.

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