BMW Motorrad Cool Down Vest

BMW Motorrad Cool Down Vest Equipment

The BMW Motorrad Cool Down Vest is a very functional vest that has excellent cooling with HyperKewl functional fabric at the back and the front. It can be worn under the jacket which is easy or only over T-shirts.

The advantages of this are that the vest has HyperKewl system with lock in the moisture and stores it for up to eight hours with, reducing heat by around 11 to 22 ° F compared to the ambient temperature. Then there are light and durable, the outer material is made of nylon and polyester functional fiber and side panels with a high proportion of stretch material.

BMW Motorrad Coll Down Vest comes with a front zipper, produced only in black color, while the unisex sizes XS – 2XL. Price the vest is $ 129.00.

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