BMW C evolutions maxi-scooter

BMW C evolutions maxi-scooter BMW Motorcycles

The news came almost a month ago, it’s worth mentioning! BMW Motorrad is delivered the local police in Barcelona smallish a fleet of 30 units of motorcycles C evolutions of electric maxi-scooters.

These maxi scooters represent the admissibility of Barcelona to the concept of sustainable urban mobility, which is used on the streets reduced to what extent economical in terms of efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. With its Mediterranean climate and interesting mix of ancient and modern streets, it is also the perfect city to travel around on two wheels, especially if they are e-powered.

The model purchased by city authorities is nearly identical to the regular version. Modifications for use shelf features a taller windscreen and a public address and signaling system. Mobility of maxi scooter is 100 km with a fully charged battery, while the electronically-limited top speed of 120 km / h.

Besides BMW C evolution maxi-scooter has ABS braking and traction control, and excellent comfort levels naturally with careful riding technique, selectable power modes and a braking and throttle system that incorporates regenerative technology that charges the battery.

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