BMW Allround glove

BMW Allround glove Equipment

The BMW Allround glove is lightweight touring glove, which is very functional in all respects, has good elasticity, very good adhesion with the whole palm so that the driver has a good feeling during the drive and can be used for year-round use.

It is made in combination with goatskin leather where the stretch nylon mix (Porelle® membranes), windproof, waterproof and breathable. The palm is leather with two thicknesses at the areas in danger in the event of a fall (the wadding at the palm is thinner for the sake of good grip), Keprotec at ball of hand, made from aramid-fiber fabric as padding.

Then there’s knuckles padded Cordura with Suprotec foamed liner, fingers made of leather with discreetly patterned with stamped lines (rubber wiper lip on index finger), long reflective strip along the edge of the hand. The BMW Allround glove has a wrist tab and amply dimensioned Velcro at wristlet that adjustability and ensure a good hold.

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